Laser Tag


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Summer Game Pictures

Nighttime Laser Tag Manhunt

Summer Party Pictures

Winter Game Pictures

Winter Party Pictures

Arena Pictures

Our arena is always evolving and provides a space with plenty of obstacles which offers the best laser tag experience.
Players play into the forest during the spring and summer seasons.

Equipment Pictures

Specific equipment may be designed for certain game modes, leagues, special events or not be available in different weather conditions.

Oshawa Laser Tag Blog

A new beginning

Following the closing of our Oshawa Venue due to reasons out of our control, our team knew we could not quit. We …

Closing Oshawa Venue

It is with great sadness that I have to advise you that Battle City Tactical Laser Tag will close our current operation …

Hold on Tight !

It’s May 2022 and Battle City is outside of Peterborough for a trailer park’s seasonal opening event. Some rain is expected, but …

Who needs a resume !

Shortly after opening Battle City at the Oshawa Centre I’m sitting at the desk in the middle of the day with very …

Laser Tag at the Oshawa Centre

A look back at our original venue at the Oshawa Centre. This was the old Sears Hardware building in the North East …

Our new Pigeon Post blog…

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to add a blog to the Battle City Tactical Laser Tag website. This will help …