Battle City Tactical Laser Tag opened in Oshawa in 2019. After a short run our physical Indoor Venue was closed and our team was unable to reopen due to Covid. As a result, In the spring of 2020 we redesigned our services and launched our Outdoor Venue and Mobile Laser Tag experiences.

Book your Party at one of our venues or our Game Wardens can attend your event and set-up an arena using the surrounding area and/or inflatable bunkers.

This FAQ page includes all you need to know about our laser tag.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Tag General Questions

Does Battle City offer public games?
– Yes, games are available for the general public at our Oshawa Venue located at 690 Taunton Road West. We host up to 15 Players in a single game. Our Public Walk-In Games are available Rain or Shine Wednesday through Sunday.

How long is a game?
– We run 15-minute game periods. This does not include instructions, gearing up and debriefing (which adds approximately another 15-minutes to a game or event).

Does Battle City have a location for guests to attend?
– Yes! We have a Outdoor Venue in North Oshawa located at 690 Taunton Road West (and a participating venue in Peterborough) that we use. There are also several other venues that we use on a regular bases that may be booked for your group, party or event (additional fees may apply). Reservations are required for all games.

What is Battle City’s Service Area?
– We operate out of Durham Region, but serve most of Southern Ontario. This includes Durham Region, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Cobourg, Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas.

What is better… Day or Night games?
– Dusk is our favourite time to play, but day or night events are great too. We will bring appropriate lighting for night time events.

What is better… Outdoor or Indoor games?
– Our customers have said Outdoor Laser Tag is better as it creates a more realistic battle experience.

How old do players have to be?
– 8 years of age and older. Due to our state-of-the-art equipment and our games being objective based we suggest players be 8 years of age and older. Our system was designed with teens and adults in mind. We do not recommend it for anyone 7 years of age or younger.
For example… Accuracy is key with our taggers (gun)! Players will use a real scope to aim at their opponents. Players will need to reload their tagger when they run out of “bullets” and get to a first aid box to respond when another player takes them out.

How many people can play Tactical Laser Tag?
– As many as you want! We currently run games with up to 15 players in a single game, but we can alternate players. Example: With our 60-minute games package we can host 60 players, each having 1 game experience (15 players x 4 games x 15 minute games).

Can I consume alcohol or drugs before or while playing Laser Tag?
– Absolutely not! Battle City offers a family friendly entertainment service. The consumption, possession or influence of alcohol or drugs is against our policies. Players/Guests will be asked to leave our participating venues if this policy is not complied with. Our team will not set-up or remain at Mobile Laser Tag Events where this policy is not complied with. 

Mobile Laser Tag General Questions

How big of a space do we need for Mobile Laser Tag?
– Our system is best played in an space suitable for social distancing. We recommend an open location the size of a youth soccer field – 100 feet x 150 feet (0.34 acres) or larger; however, we may be able to facilitate reservations with smaller spaces. Contact us for more information.

I don’t have a place to host Mobile Laser Tag… Now what?
– Our team has an Outdoor venue in North Oshawa located at 690 Taunton Road West and several different rental locations for you to choose from. For more information check out our Mobile Services page.

Can we play Laser Tag in a public park?
– Normally no. Most Cities and Towns have Municipal Code regulations that restrict us from operating our services in public parks. Event planners may be able to book part of a public park. You will need to contact your City or Town Hall for further information. Event planners are responsible for all fees and permits.

What is the schedule for a Mobile Laser Tag Event?
– Our team will arrive approximately 30-minutes prior to the event to set-up. We will run the games (type, time, etc.) as decided by the event planner and within our scheduled time. Following the event we will require about 30-minutes to clean up.

Mobile Laser Tag pricing questions

Is there a Travel Fee for Mobile Laser Tag?
– Unfortunately with the price of gas continuing to rise in Ontario we have had to increase our travel fee policy. A travel fee of $0.60 per KM will be charged for Mobile Laser Tag Reservations from our Office (L1R 3M1).

Are there any Additional Fees for Mobile Laser Tag?
Depending on what you book you will be charged for our services, travel and the venue rental (if applicable). There are additional fees for late night reservations and events scheduled on Statutory Holidays. For mobile reservations fees will depend on your distance from our venue. These fees can be found on our booking page

What is the schedule for a Mobile Laser Tag Event?
– Our team will arrive approximately 30-minutes prior to the event to set-up. We will run the games (type, time, etc.) as decided by the event planner and within our scheduled time. Following the event we will require about 30-minutes to clean up.

About our Equipment and Game Options​

How is Battle City’s equipment different than traditional equipment?
– Our Laser Tag experience is like no other. Our new age laser tagger the Battle Gun is equipped a with a Red Dot Sight and brings video games to life with games like Free For All, Team Death Match, King of the Hill, Battle Royale and Zombie Infection. Our Utility Box is the brain of our game and can give you health, armor, extra weapons, points and more. Need to breach the other teams base? Toss in a Grenade and make your move. Best part about our gear… there is no big bulky vest! Our Headband will create a hit zone around you.

What games are there?
We have a number of different games, but the most popular ones are Free for All (everyone for themselves), Team Death Match (2 teams against each other) and King of the Hill (2 teams face each other to secure a fort to get points). Other games that we have include: Gun Game, Sniper Mode, Battle Royale and Zombie Attack. 

About our Fees and How Much it Costs​

How much does it cost to book Laser Tag?
– For reservations at our venues the cost is $10.62+HST for 1-2 games or $9.55+HST for 3+ games (per person). Our Mobile Service start at $382.00+HST for 60-minutes of game time (4 x 15 minute games for up to 15 players in each game). From there we top-up our reservations by 30-minutes periods.

Is there a Security Deposit?
– For parties, event and mobile reservations there is a $100.00 deposit towards the total service fee required for function and mobile reservations. Please see our cancellation policy on our Book Now page for more information about refunds for Security Deposits.

About our Reservation Questions Parties & Events

I’ve booked an event… Now what?
– We’ve created an Event Guide to help make sure events run well. This document outlines important details on what to do prior to, the day of and following an event. You will receive this document when your reservation has been confirmed. 
Our team cannot express how important it is for the Event Planner to review this document as soon as it is received. 

Do my guests need to sign a Waiver? 
– Yes, our Insurance Policy requires all guests or their parents/guardian complete one. Our digital Waiver can be signed online from a smart phone or tablet. Guests will not be allowed to participate in our services if we do not have a waiver on file for them.

about cancelling or postponing laser tag

Can I cancel my event?
– A minimum of 7 days and 1-hour cancellation notice is required to cancel a party, function or mobile reservation.
In the event the reservation cannot operate due to severe weather (thunder storms, aggressive rain/snow/ice/wind) or State of Emergency reasons enforced by the government (I.E. Covid-19 restrictions) or other reasons out of control by the event planner; the Reservation Deposit will be refunded, minus $25.00 for service fees. Cancellations due to severe weather or other reasons are subject to Battle City Management approval. The amount of $25.00 will be discounted off of a rescheduled event for approved cancellations that are within our Cancellation Policy.
Cancellation reasons such as, but not limited to the following will not be approved and a refund will not be issued for them: light weather conditions, poor planning by the event planner, low number of attending guests, inappropriate space to operate the event, etc.

What if it rains or the weather is bad on the day of my event?
– We’re pretty sure you won’t melt and neither will our equipment. We will be there unless the weather is severe (thunder storms, aggressive rain/snow/ice/wind). Battle City Management will contact the Event Planner if we feel it is necessary to cancel your reservation due to severe weather conditions. As our services are played outdoors, Battle City Management reserves the right to cancel reservations without notice when weather conditions create an unsafe environment. This does not happen often, but safety is our top priority.