Laser Tag

Shortly after opening Battle City at the Oshawa Centre I’m sitting at the desk in the middle of the day with very little going on. I see these 2 kids riding the bikes around the building checking things out, so I go outside to chat with them. After telling them all about our new age style of laser tag they come in to check things out. After a couple games between them and myself I know Battle City has their attention.

The next day these 2 kids come through the door wanting a rematch. A few more games in the book they start to figure out how things are working and now I have to try.

Day after day they walk through the doors looking to see if they can finally win a game. Which after a few days they were both making me look like a rookie.

These 2 spent the entire summer at the venue, as volunteers (really just so they could play laser tag all day).

Here we are 5 years later and they are both at my side and being such a strong part of Battle City’s success. They both worked hard over the years and worked through our venue build, mobile services, covid operation and the development of our new outdoor venue.