Book a Birthday Function Laser Tag Party or Event at Battle City, Durham Region’s Best Laser Tag Experience.
Your Guests will Thank You!


We’ve built an affordable Birthday Party Package at our Outdoor Venue in North Oshawa.
Just bring the cake!
Birthday Battle Parties last for about 1.5 Hours in total.

Additional Add-Ons: Guests $9.99 (up to 5 extra players), 15-Minute Game for all players $59.99, Pizza (Dominos) $11.99, 2L Drink $2.99 and 30-Minute Picnic Area Time $24.99 (taxes additional).

Why Book A Birthday Party With Battle CIty ?

We’re pros at running Birthday Parties that you’ll talk about for many years after. Our Team understands that putting together a party is stressful enough, which is why we’ll do what we can (like ordering the pizza, getting the drinks and tableware, etc.) to make planning the event easier for you.

Your guests will love our state-of-the-art laser tag equipment much more than the old technology space guns that other venues still use. Our gear and games brings videogames like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Battlefield to life. The best part is there is no giant vest that guests have to wear.

The most important difference visiting Battle City vs other Laser Tag venues is that our games are private. We will not put your party group with other public players. We have this policy for fair game practices and safety.


Birthday Function Laser Tag

Family Event, Team Building Activities, School Trips and Summer Camps… Battle City is ready to gear you up for Laser Tag Deployment.

Our Outdoor Venue in North Oshawa can currently host up to 20 people.
Please contact us if you have more than 20 guests.
Up to 15 players in each game.

We can also dispatch our Game Wardens to your location with our Mobile Services.

Contact Us for details or Book Online.


(Up to 15 Players in Each Game)
60-Minutes (4 x 15-Minute Games) $382.00
90-Minutes (6 x 15-Minute Games) $573.00
120-Minutes (8 x 15-Minute Games) $764.00
150-Minutes (10 x 15-Minute Games) $955.00
180-Minutes (12 x 15-Minute Games) $1146.00
All Day of Game Time – Please Contact Us
Prices do not include taxes.